MRCGP overview

MRCGP Overview

The MRCGP examination is the postgraduate medical qualification that is currently required to attain a certificate of completion of training (CCT) in General Practice.

The MRCGP examination is made up of three individual components, each of which tests different competencies:

  1. Workplace Based Assessments (WPBAs)
  2. The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)
  3. The Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)

WPBAs serve to evaluate a doctor's performance in the twelve professional competence areas that make up "Being a General Practitioner". This assessment takes place in a variety of settings in different specialties throughout the GP's training programme.

The AKT is a computer based examination comprising mainly single best answer questions and extended matching questions. It tests the fundamental knowledge base required to work in general practice in the UK.

The CSA assesses a doctor's ability to integrate and apply clinical, professional, communication and practical skills to general practice. It simulates patient consultations based on scenarios drawn from general practice.

More information about the MRCGP examination can be found on the Royal College of General Practitioners website.

What Doctors Are Saying

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